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In my last article, The Irony of Inclusive Education: Students with Disabilities, I speculated on making disability studies an integral part of the general social science curricula to enhance Disability awareness amongst the non-disabled. I also contemplated, that the teachers must be required to complete, at least, one course, on practicing inclusion in classrooms. Evidently then, non-disabled would be sensitized towards persons with disabilities. I intend here to ponder over the good-effects...

The Irony of Inclusive Education: Students with Disabilities

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no picture Vibhu Sharma
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The general concerns expressed by the young people with disabilities are numerable, especially in the developing countries of the world. While youth with visual impairment face the difficulties of accessing education, reading material, people with physical disabilities face barriers due to no ramps and elevators. Commonly, all people with disability face and suffer discrimination and social exclusion in one form or the other. I intend to reflect on the challenges faced by students...

  • Vibhu Sharma

    Passionate about working for and with PWDs, particularly, visual impairment, my interest areas are education, equal opportunity and peer inclusion. Successfully advocated for a change in CBSE’s examination policy, enabling students with visual impairment write exams independently on a computer with a screen-reader. Have represented in several conferences. Am the Co-Chair of the GPCWD - YC UNICEF.

    Member since February 17, 2017

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