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Youth apathy: No longer a luxury but a hindrance

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Fatima S
Inscrit le 12 septembre 2017
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Source: Pixabay (

Source: Pixabay (

Late teenage-hood is a weird time. You’re not young enough to blame your shortcomings on youthful immaturity and yet, you don’t have the excuse of being an adult to justify your actions. At best, this period is formative and revealing. At worst, its chaotic and destructive.

Late teenage-hood is also the time where our childlike idealism and a much more complex image of the world begins to form. The long-held notion that the world is merely steps away from becoming a utopia is slowly but surely shattered and perhaps the process is expedited if you keep up with the news. From poverty to war to all forms of discrimination, there seems to be no place on earth untouched by some sort of affliction.

Perhaps, in the past, young people could blame their disillusionment for their apathy but the truth of the matter is that young people today don't have the luxury to rue in their angst and pessimism. We are a turning point and without sounding hyperbolic, the future of our world is at stake. Our quality of life is at stake. It is clearly evident that the adults that are in charge have made it their mission to uphold the status quo but it is up to us young people to disrupt the system and create a more equitable and prosperous future for everyone.

Young people have always been at the forefront of movements, whether credit is given to them or not. Today's youth are particularly motivated as we know the power our voice holds, especially when we use it on behalf of those who may not be able to speak. Consider this a rallying cry for all those who are hesitant, not yet sure if they should get involved. Who benefits when we stay silent? Who benefits when we don't engage with the institutions around us?

Everyone says that young people are the leaders of the future, but why should we wait that long? In these uncertain times, the right time to become a leader is now. Change is a gradual process and the time to effectuate it is now. Tomorrow is never promised but young people, we all have right now.

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