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Who’s more sustainable: An individual or society?

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H. Jawad sohail
Inscrit le 23 juin 2016
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From the beginning of mankind we have lived in societies, communities, tribes and families. I believe it is not only the preference or spontaneous order, but also a need of human race to survive, see the past and plan a better future and use the resources of this planet in a way which can improve our surroundings and environments. So to me it is societies that are sustainable, not an individual.

An individual can never fight alone with natural disasters, diseases, inequalities or climate change. It is societies and nations that can fight together for peace and a sustainable future. All the advancements in science are not due to an individual. Achievements are the legacy of collective ideas shared with society to obtain sustainable results and advancement.

Societies are based on ethics, etiquettes and moralities; they grow with peace and rule of law. When we live in a system or society, there are some rights and some duties which are entitled to an individual. These rights and obligations can be legal, social or ethical and might not be realised equally for people in the same system, but there is a must do need to understand that basic human rights are always the same and equal in any system or anywhere on the planet, they are intrinsic not granted. So as societies may perpetuate the violation of rights, they have the obligation to realise the rights of all its members and have peace as their ultimate goal.

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