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Martin Luther King's Birthday!

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Inscrit le 11 février 2016
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It's his birthday... Martin! *Breathes in*

My feeling? Happy. On this day, 15th of January so many years ago, a leader was born. Everyone knows who Martin Luther King Jr. is but unlike others, I idolize him. Why? Simple! He's my spiritual godfather…Hahaha. Every year on this day, I watch videos or read his speeches. Last year and the year before I watched Selma (MLK movie, John Legend, glory song). I don't know why but I love that movie. I've never felt so attached before to a movie in my whole life and I have to give my credit to David Oyelowo for bringing Martin back to life. Seriously, if you haven't watched the movie, do so. You'll be overwhelmed by this man.

While I'm writing this to you, I just feel so happy because I've known him since my father first told me about him when I was like10 years old. So, this is like my 8th year anniversary learning about him but the admiration has never stopped. What he achieved through his lifetime has left a mark in history. If he was here now, I'm pretty sure he'll be proud of President Obama...

Where ever he is, his words still accompany me in hard times… Whenever I feel unwanted, it reminds me of his quote "Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children." Why this quote in particular? It's because it reminds me that I'm not all alone, stuck in this world. After all, we're all God's children right? If I ever felt like everything was slipping away from me, I would quickly turn to him... You wouldn't believe me but as a teenager, I've been through a lot and Martin made me realise my worth.

Before I stop writing (or blabbering).. I would like to recommend a book to all readers... Wait, what? Yes a book! What else would you expect from a book nerd? I want y'all to read a book titled The Words of Martin Luther King. It's a collection of his quotes and sayings. This book is basically my best friend. Have you ever been so attached to a book? Well, a book nerd would know the exact answer. Yes! This book is my best friend. And if you read it, I'm sure this book will be your best friend too...

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr!

Thank You!

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