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no picture Medical student and Women's rights activist
Sahar Samadi
Inscrit le 7 mai 2016
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  • Age 20

Credit: Voices of Youth

Credit: Voices of Youth

It's not important to be a teacher, an engineer or a doctor or whatever you want.

It's important to be a real person, the person who thinks everyone has equal rights. Everyone should be respected, not by their job not or by their money!!! But by their personality, and because they're humans. Because god created us equally because we will die and will go in the same place.

Go outside once and look at your around and think once again why we all want badness for each other? Why we fight for meaningless things that can bring heavy losses for this planet?! Why we can't live in peace (peace all over the world)?!

Centuries ago it was like that and it will go the same way, as usual, these wars will never change, never lead to peace!

And one day we will miss these bad days too because if it goes like this the situation will be worse than it is now!!

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