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How time flies


Inscrit le 8 juin 2015
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Melting clock by Salvator Dali

Melting clock by Salvator Dali

It’s been almost one month since I published my last post. The last post of my internship. And how my life has changed since then! The day before my post went online, I left home for college. Okay, that may be a bit exaggerated. I did not really leave home. I can go back every weekend. But I did start a new chapter in my life. I told you in my last post that I had to turn the page and I did.

One month ago, I never could have imagined this chapter would be like this. I feel like I’ve been living here for years. I made new friends and it feels like we know each other for decades. I go to classes in building I feel like going to forever. Yet every Friday night when the weekend begins and I’m spending time with my family, it feels as if the person I was during the week is a stranger. I love uni, I really do. But at Sunday night, when I come back from home, I hate to be alone because if I’m alone; I realize that I did not miss my mom for a whole week, neither did I call my grandparents or chat with my friends back home. I did not check my Facebook unless there was a notification that had something to do with my ‘new life’, I did not think about posting on VOY and I even forgot to watch the last episodes of Orange Is The New Black. I did not do anything that seemed to be so important to me before. I tell myself that I had no time or that it is because I had no internet connection. All excuses.

This post is me saying sorry

Sorry to my family – ofcourse I miss you all, it just easier to pretend that I don’t

Sorry to my friends – ofcourse I still care about you, I always will, nonmatter how few the time we spend together is

But most of all, sorry to myself – I promise to find a good balance between who I was and who I’m becoming, no more excuses

When time flies, it is a good sign. It means you’re having fun. I’m only here for one month so it may be a little early to philosophise about all the things this chapter has taught me – and will teach me in the future – but I can tell you this already; it made me realize that as time flies, you need to sit back once in a while and putt everything back into perspective.

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