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From Dhaba to Cafe

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Nafees A. Siddique
Inscrit le 8 juin 2016
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Roaming around Karachi city, for me, the best place in town is Dhaba (Chai Wala), where I go for peace of mind especially in the evening after work. Usually there is a Paan shop nearby where you can easily find your favorite snacks, depending on how you feel.

At Dhaba, you will be served perfect Doodhpatti (milk tea) along with Paratha (a delicious local bread). There are some ‘burger’ Chai Walas too where you can taste a variety of Chai including the Kashmiri , my favorite one.

Other than the usual Pathan Dhabas, there are some luxury Cafes too in town, where you will experience fragrant ambiance with a wide range of yummy coffees and chillers from Macchiato to Coco Loco. At the same time you can be pleased with good moody songs including magical Qawali and Sufi Kalam.

This journey from Dhaba to Cafe is comprised of many adventures, many failures, many heartbreaks and many uncalculated risks. When you are broken, you want to meet new people and to know their stories; this helps in making your pain lighter. So whenever you feel low and need a doses of fresh energy, go and have a sip of sweet Chai or Coffee at your favorite place.

If you are a writer, also take a pen and paper along.

-Dhaba in Pakistan is a word used for roadside cafes or tea stalls.

-Chai Wala refers to tea maker.

-Qawali and Sufi Kalam are our traditional music, known for their tremendous ability to take you to the spiritual world.

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