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Are You Oversharing On Social Media?

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Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Social media is the most frequently used platform by youths in our modern society. According to research conducted by Pew Research Center, it is estimated that every 8 in 10 Americans are Facebook users while 32 percent of the American population have an Instagram profile. Most people rely on social media for communication, work, school, and business purposes. Posting on social media about our daily lives has become a norm. There are times when we may not realize the things that we share online are very personal. As a result, we end up sharing too much information online which exposes us to cybercrime. Below are four signs that you are oversharing on social media:

Uploading Too Many Selfies

If you are constantly posting photos of your day-to-day activities on social media, you are most likely to be giving away too much information about your personal life. Sharing pictures of your company annual dinner and recent family picnic outing are fun but it’s an easy giveaway of your whereabouts. For instance, posting pictures of you on vacation alerts burglars that your home is currently unoccupied and easy to break into.

Gossiping about Your Co-workers and Bosses

It’s normal to feel stress at work when you have multiple responsibilities to juggle at the same time. You have work, school, family and other responsibilities to fit into your packed schedule. Moreover, stress can also come from problems with getting along with your fellow co-workers and employees. Instead of addressing this problem with them, social media seems to be the best place to vent your frustration and anger. However, be aware of who might be checking your Facebook account after you have posted an incredibly juicy gossip of your company management team. You might get caught for leaking your company confidential matters to the public. Don’t be surprised that the act of gossiping on social media can actually make you lose your job the next day.

Strangers Recognize Your Family Members

We are all proud parents of our children. We tend to share all our children’s achievements on social media. It’s exciting and fun to share all these big achievements with our friends and family. You may set your privacy setting to private but there is no guarantee that your photos will be viewed within your circle of friends. Your pictures might end up in the search engine and seen by millions of viewers worldwide. The next thing you know a stranger complimented on how well your toddler did in his first test when you bring your toddler to the playground.

Include Personal Details On Social Media

Personal details such as your home address, telephone contact, and financial information are meant to be kept solely for yourself only. Imagine if you share this information on social media and it got into the wrong hands. The implications are severe as people can scam you easily without you realizing it. Besides that, sharing personal information online may lead others to have wrong or negative perceptions about you. This can certainly ruin your reputation and damage your self-image.

It’s important to pay attention to what you’re sharing online. You should take steps to limit what you’re sharing as you own all the contents of your online profile. Try not to post something on social media when you are feeling sad or angry. You are more likely to say something nasty and causes damage to your relationships with others. Always be considerate of how your post will impact on other people. Learn to use social media wisely and you will gain many benefits from it.

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