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Algorithm of Rape Anxiety

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Anush Ka
Inscrit le 13 janvier 2016
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Many will argue it’s not a thing, rather another pity cry by the “feminist”. There will be those who deny, reject or resist this, but then there are those who live with this every single day...

To put in layman’s term, rape anxiety literally means a constant fear of getting raped. When you are walking to your home or going to the office or simply out for grocery shopping, the nagging fear of getting raped remains in the back of your head. Even the four walls of your home becomes a symbol of violence and oppression. This constant fear dictates your whole life from your morning cup of coffee to late night dinner plans, thinking about what to wear, what time to come back, what time to leave. All daily little desperate attempts we make to not get raped or to simply avoid the possibility.

As absurd it may sound, I believe that the tragedy remains that we, as women, go through this every single day. For us life simply isn’t just about living or success or even enjoyment, but also avoiding rape. The simple fact that there are apps capitalizing on rape anxiety is an ominous indication of its existence, a feeling shared universal.

Those who may say, it’s a dog eat dog world or life is unfair, is simply a weak man’s argument. The staggering amount of rapes, molestation, violence against women and the sheer lack of empathy and justice have left a ripple effect on all. We all want to believe that we won’t be next and that it’s an isolated incident, but the rates of violence against women are significantly high.

However, why this fear? Even I don’t hold the answer to this question .The inability of international or national forums to give justice to the victims? Or the sheer inadequacy in the system that supports and works for the safety of women? Or the worldwide oppressive patriarchal framework? Or maybe this is what we were taught as kids, normalization of sexual assault. There are many who question the existence of this fear, but let’s just say coming from the horse’s mouth itself, it exists. It prevails and it haunts us.

We, by dejecting such claims, stand responsible for not only ridiculing a matter of serious concern, but generating a sense of apathy, neglect and further fear of rape. I hope this matter is discussed more freely and openly to truly understand the suffering of women and the immediate need of feminism.

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