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When I was in school, I learned that I could talk with every citizen of the world by speaking English, French or Spanish.

When I was in school, I learned to read world literature from Europe and North America.

When I watched TV shows I learned about Justin Bieber, a pop star that the entire world knew.

When I watched TV I knew that the Oscars portrayed the world’s best movies.

They didn’t tell me that there was more than just one world, that globalization missed out some pieces, that Western culture remained in the west.

They didn’t teach me Arabic, I didn’t read Turkish literature and wasn’t introduced to Nigerian movies.

Now, when I stand between all those people in the refugee camp I work at, I am the only one who is unable to communicate with them. They listen to music I don’t know what to make of because it sounds so strange, and when I mention Justin Bieber they look at me as if I would talk about an alien.

Where worlds collide, new worlds are made. Particles crash, fly through the air and settle into a new world, a one more colourful and diverse, richer and bigger.

I wasn’t prepared that my world would collide so severely with the other world. I wasn’t even prepared that there was another world, or maybe two other worlds or even three. No one ever told me that the world was incomplete. My country just taught me a perfect illusion of entity.

Now, all I know is that the world I believed in doesn’t exist any longer. In my new world, Syria is made of more than just war. In my new world the Yezidis, a Kurdish minority group that I haven’t heard of before, exists. In my new world, not everything Wikipedia writes is right. In my new world I know the story of someone from Morocco who had to quit his medicine studies because he wanted to point out some hygienic deficits in the hospitals. (He didn’t even say one word out loud, but his professor knew he was trying to.)

There isn’t the world any longer, there is just one of many. One incomplete reality of many incomplete realities.

The reality I live in begins to shift. It becomes more complex and gains a lot of diversity that I hadn’t heard of before. I know that the world, as western society portrays it, is just a little percentage of the real world (whatever real means).

So, I want you to think about your world. What does it look like? If you begin talking to a stranger, you'll notice that his world will be different. Well, in a way I am sure you know this already. But if you pick someone who lives far away from you - in a real geographical sense - you'll be astounded how universal facts begin to merge into mere believes and nothing is as it seemed to be.

So go ahead and crash full speed! Trust me, it’s worth it. ;)

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