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When you think you're all alone!

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Neelam Yadav
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When you think you've no one with you,

Just remember you're not on Mars.

You're in this planet Earth where life exists even in the tiniest things.

Where you're surrounded by the unending soil covered with lush green grass and the giant trees, who breathe with you.

Where the flowers bloom in vibrant shades, making this world so colourful.

Where the air moves with pride & takes away all of our worries.

Where you'll find everlasting ocean which moves to & fro the shore, and the rivers which flows with grace in the search of sea.

Where you've the almighty sky all above you, shielding you from negativity.

Where you're brightened by the light of the sun, which keeps you hopeful everyday.

Where birds chirp the songs of nature & animals add life to this planet.

Still do you find yourself lonely?

No my dear, look around you.

Notice & feel!

What this beautiful world wants to offer you, It's never leaving company.

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