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The Bellringer

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It's almost eleven in the morning and a small crowd was gathering around the lobby of St. Sebastian. Ranji was snoozing on a chair in the office room, but the big father clock made a loud noise and it woke him up. He casted an idle glance at it. It was already eleven. Straddling he put up the hammer from the ground and started ringing the bell. A distant sound from inside of the school was growing louder by each second. A bunch of kids of five to ten years old streamed down the stairs to their parents. Ranji sighed silently. Probably Mr Bharosa was right. He had asked Ranji to resign from his post so that the school administrator could recruit some young fellow with a higher education and computer knowledge. When it came to aptitude Ranji's experience and loyalty was of no use. He wished only if he could get back his childhood once again. It took another hour to finish Ranji's work and then he got on home.

Ranipool, this small suburban town of Sikkim, wasn't as much recognized as a tourist spot in earlier days. Even if some tourists had been captivated by it's beauty it might have remained in their memory as an unknown town on the brink of Tista. But this place meant everything to a few hundreds of family who had lived there for years. Four-year-old Vinni Chetri knew nothing about the rest of the world but her lovely hometown. In downtown there was a simple, yet elegantly decorated wooden cottage that belonged to Vinni's family. Standing on the cottage's threshold Vinni peeped out of the door as if she was looking for someone. As soon as she recognized the man in brown khaki pants walking down the hill, she ran to him."Slow down, Vinni. You'll get hurt. Hold my hand." Ranji entwined his firm fist with Vinni's delicate tiny fingers."Did they say yes, Ranji Chacha?" Vinni shook Ranji's hand eagerly. Ranji smiled."Yes, you can go to school tomorrow. Now go back to your home.Your mother will be worried." Vinni's face lit up."Good bye, Ranji Chacha." Ranji waved his hand at her and moved on.

A few days ago Vinni had asked Ranji about his profession and he said,"The school can't get started without me". Little Vinni thought Ranji was very powerful and could easily help her to get an admission. Everyday on his way to return Vinni used to ask Ranji if the principal had said yes. Finally, when Mr. Bharosa offered some retiring money to Ranji, he turned it down. Instead, he had asked Mr. Bharosa to give an admission to Vinni. The next day when the school would start without him, Vinni would start a new life in the school.

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