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Congrats on Donald winning the election. The world becomes more interesting now.

I prefer him to Hillary. I think she has limited innovative capacity. He believes all things are possible and thus… his imaginative capacity is large and his sense of fear is limited.

The truth is, America needs to get it together… at a time when Mother Russia is becoming irrational. And the truth is that Hillary isn’t better than him.

Trump definitely makes the world more interesting.

I think you are the devil in person.

I think you are racist but scared of accepting it… you only like people from other regions because they give you attention.

You hate Trump because he has everything. You despise people who have everything.

Yes, I think you are a racist.

This is a compilation of texts I received recently during a chat with somebody on WhatsApp. And it rendered me speechless.

I treat the person who wrote this with respect, because responding to hate with hate doesn’t bring me further. But how far can I respect somebody when I feel like I have to fight the ideas he spreads?

There is no insight, no wisdom I can share with you today. More than that, I would like to keep this as neutral as possible, so you can judge yourself. But I would be happy to find some responses in the comment section! If anybody has heard similar statements and insults, feel free to tell me your thoughts on them and how you reacted.

Maybe somebody can help me find my voice again.

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