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River Krushna- Our Life line......

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The Krishna River.....A paradise of peace and meditation....

The Krishna River.....A paradise of peace and meditation....

River Krushna- Our Life Line.......

On the bank of Krishna,

When I sit, to meet the beauty,

The birds sing a song,

Of her kindness and regular duty.

She looks calm and quiet,

And off,course still in the summer,

But in the monsoon,you see,

She beats us like a hammer.

She is mother of ours,

And a god of million lives,

To feed us,she is the one,

For her dignity,we dedicate our lives.

The birthplace you see;falls,

And coconut,with the nature as a bride,

You will be fascinated by her,

And say-“Krishna is ours!”

with the Greatest Pride.

Altap M Shaikh........

Since the Legal person status given to the rivers in New Zealand(Whanganui River)and India(The Ganga,The Yamuna,The Narmada), people are slowly realizing that the rivers too have a life.Rivers too have their fundamental rights and need to protect the same.

When I was 18,I went with my friends for fishing in a river named Krushna River(Krushna-a revered Hindu God). While my friends were busy in fishing,i went off the track and started roaming along the banks of the river. On the tunes of running water,singing of birds, I closed my eyes,sat nearby and started thinking about the Krishna river and the benefits she(Rivers are given feminist names in India.It also signifies the role of female in the environmental stability.) was providing to us without any demand for gratitude and rewards. Going more deeply,my eyes started shedding the moisture of gratitude for the river. And on the same place,I took out my Pen and Diary(I always keep it with me,for I write poems the moment I feel my tears or my smile) and wrote some lines to say thanks to the Great River,without whom,crores of Indians would have perished.....

Altap M Shaikh.....

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