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Realising the Gift of Nature

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While each of us have been living under different roofs (both artificial and man-made), we have often failed to realise that we all have been graciously enjoying the luxuries of mother nature since our inception.

The life of a youth can involve lots of struggles, failures, mixed emotions of happiness and sorrow, celebrations, achievements, and so on. In fact, we all tend to go through the crests and troughs of life. Rising from failures and celebrating success to prepare for the next endeavour, has become part and parcel of the modern-day life. But while we are busy with our hectic schedules to reach our goals, there's someone taking unconditional care of us, even without any obligation or acknowledgement in return.

Be it the morning sunrise, sunny weather to walk on the grass, rains to feel relieved after days of hot weather, a cool breeze blowing at a beach, snow falling at a hill station, or even the beautiful sunset at dawn, Mother Nature has ensured that we not only live happily, but also enjoy the diversities of varying degrees of heat and cold. It has its own ways of showing its crests and troughs. Even when someone is in a perturbed state, sighting a little chirpy bird, or a deer, or two puppies playing together, rejuvenates our enthusiasm, and brings a smile to one’s face.

So mighty is the magic of nature, that it keeps us spell bound 24x7. For many of us, star gazing, watching the moon or a shooting star, exploring aurora in the northern lights, looking at the fireflies, and experiencing the bioluminescence at the beaches, constitute an awesome feeling of content, pleasure and delight. Apart from such mesmerising natural phenomenon, nature has endowed us with beautiful caves, caverns, waterfalls, lakes, rapids, lagoons, canyons, dunes, springs, and a plethora of natural beauty to take a trip to. Of course, the beautiful marine life, diverse varieties of fishes, dolphins and whales, and the beautiful coral reefs cannot go without a mention. These have always been profoundly appealing to our eyes and hearts and have always created a flair to explore.

While all the above form a beautiful picture of nature in our minds, the up-straight, and directly-concerning influence of nature is the sheer existence of plant kingdom including scrubs, herbs, climbers, trees, and the mighty forests, which are nothing but the keepers of our sustainability. The Amazon basin has been called the Lungs of the Planet Earth (1), proving to be a massive carbon sink, and producing more than 20% of the world oxygen (2).

The above description isn't even 10% of the contributions made by Mother Nature, but it is good enough to comprehend that - even though we are busy solving our own life puzzles, we must keep a sense of respect and show enough gratitude for this very element of life, upon which the foundation of our species thrives. In the same regards, we must be careful and alert to keep the environment clean, follow rules, maintain a balance of carbon foot print, and teach others and our children to stay inspired by this auspicious gift to the mankind.

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