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In our life we come across many problems and difficulties. In these times we need to keep hope. Hope is a very powerful feeling. Without hope it can be hard for us to see the positive things around us. Hope keeps us alive, hope keeps us going.

As we all know, tomorrow is never promised; but every night when we go to sleep many of us still hope that there will be a tomorrow and promise ourselves to make it better than today. Some people just give up and end their lives, it's not their fault, it can be due to lack of hope, lack of encouragement in their lives.

A person can't remain strong all the time. At some point in life we lose our strength, we feel like we are trapped. At that time we need someone to encourage us. That someone can either be our parents, friends, siblings or even a stranger. A man suffering from a serious disease can lose his hope of recovering, but when he sees his family taking care of him and believing that he will recover soon, that love may give him hope and the willpower to fight his disease.

When a student fails his exam, he may get depressed, he may think he is weak. But, if his parents and teachers encourage him to work hard and do better next time, that encouragement may give him hope and strength to do better in upcoming days.

Hope plays a very important role in our lives. A soldier's family bids him goodbye hoping that he will fight for his motherland and return back safely someday. Parents work hard and educate their children hoping that they will be successful someday. A couple decides to go against their families and gets married hoping that they will accept them someday. A mother decides to go against her in-laws and gives birth to a baby girl, hoping that someday she will be able to change the thinking of her in-laws. A little child looks towards the gate of an orphanage hoping that his family will come and take him someday.

Hope is something that helps us to see things with positively. A victim of an acid attack may not be able to survive if he/she lacks hope. A woman may not have the courage to leave her abusive husband if she is afraid and has already lost her inner strength. A person may not be able to overcome his problems if he always thinks about how messed up his life is rather than searching solutions.

One harsh word can send someone into the depths of despair whereas one word of encouragement can give someone a new life. So we need to be careful with our words and actions. Whenever you feel you are done with your life and you feel like you can't find any way to get out, just close your eyes and think about your loved ones, think about your dreams. There is so much strength and hope inside you. You just need to believe it.

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