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Faces Up - Season 2

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May 2017, at the Get Out Speak Out Annual Youth Health Camp.

May 2017, at the Get Out Speak Out Annual Youth Health Camp.

Where do I begin from?

Aaaahhhhh…I've got an idea.

The entire thing of being called a season.

It’s a thing at Faces Up Uganda where we group our yearly activities and progress into seasons.

This year, 2018, happens to be season 3.

2017 was season 2.

And 2016, was season 1.

Today, I’d love to turn your focus and attention to season 2.

For some reason, I felt like it was a very special season, by far.

With all that we’ve done, achieved and managed to put out there, with our efforts.

As usual, our seasons begin off, on the very hour of the year…

And ends all the way at the 59th minute in the 59th second at the 59th micro-second, in the very final hour of the year.

We had lots of plans that we discussed earlier from 2016, at the Faces Up Art Exhibition.

And we started out on rolling them out.

Looking through our various contacts and networks, we managed to get in touch with a number of our old friends, in all corners.

There’s a very special group of friends, we would love to begin with…Rugby Nation UG…You won’t meet passionate young people, like these…about what they do… All they speak is rugby and they’ve proved to be very reliable. Needless to say that we had met them earlier online and we decided to formalize our loving marriage by rewarding and recognizing the most outstanding talent in rugby, here in Uganda.

Soon, we were in schools like Masanafu Secondary School, Masanafu Primary School, Child Promotion schools.

Before that, we had met a good friend of ours, Norman Blick under the Blick Basketball Academy and we managed to do some grass-root preparations for role modeling of young men and women, in this tough world, we live in.

Somewhere along the way, we picked very keen interest of our good friends at Reach A Hand Uganda. Tell you what; this interest came as a blessing for us because we managed to learn a lot from them, as far as young people and their reproductive health went. For those who attended the Get Up Speak Out health camp that was held at Hana Mixed School, Nsangi, you can bear us witness.

It was not long before we turned our resources and eyes to The Ghetto Film Project.

With them, we managed to meet a whole new and interesting breed of young people…from beat boxers to rappers to photo and videographers to artists...

These guys brought out what they save the world for…A visual being…

Carrying on, we began rolling with some new friends of ours, Open Space Forum.

With them, they offered us the multi-billion platform we so much needed to connect with the youth and understand them.

And off we were to the Annual National Youth Festival that was held at Makerere University.

Multitudes of young people we met, at the festival, who connected and worked with young people….where we offered…. Role modeling and inspiration.

While there, we met other good pipoz like Sawa World, Kafeero Foundation, AFFCAD, Kyusa Uganda, UYONET, CEPA Uganda, PSI Uganda, The Youth Hub, Topowa Uganda, NBS Television, Namayanja Foundation, Reproductive Health Uganda…mmmmeeehhhnnnnn…that list is endless…

Somewhere in between, we caught the attention, we managed to pick up the steam, online, as well. It’s often said these days, that if something isn’t online, then it just doesn’t exist. How true that is, we can’t surely tell. These friends we made online, were from all over the world, mark you.

Needless to say that, it was a successful year...and one with its challenges and lessons, as well.

We are already underway with season 3 now and all we can say is that we are using season 2 as our side mirror on our journey, this year.

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