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VOY Blogging Internship

Applications for the VOY Blogging Internships are now open!

This is your chance to apply for a 10-week blogging internship (August-October 2017) with Voices of Youth - UNICEF's vibrant online community.

We are looking for 5-10 young people from across the world, between 14-25 years old, to join two UNICEF campaigns addressing major issues impacting millions of children: End Violence & Children Uprooted


Violence against children marks them forever – and ending it is everybody’s business.


Millions of children are fleeing violence, disaster or poverty – and we need to protect their rights and their futures.

Candidates should have a clear passion for one of the campaign issues, be eager to blog and improve their writing skills, participate in online discussions regularly, and attend expert speaker sessions.

How does it work?

You will pick ONE of the two campaigns and craft blog posts that focus on the issues it addresses. For each blog post you receive feedback on your writing, get access to tips & tricks on how to write a good blog post, exchange ideas with other blogging interns and hear from experts.

At the end of the internship you will have improved your blogging skills, gained new insights on global issues, been connected to a network of international young bloggers, and have been a part of a worldwide campaign.

Please note that this internship is done by remote participation - so you will NOT be required to travel anywhere.

How to apply?

If you are interested to be part of the interns batch that starts in August, please apply to the internship by submitting this Google form:

The deadline for applications is 28 July 2017.

In total, 5-10 interns will be selected to participate in this internship round. Due to the high demand and limited number of spaces available, Voices of Youth will only contact candidates who are selected for the internship.

In case you are not selected for the internship - don’t worry! The Voices of Youth community is open to everyone - submit a blog post, comment on posts, participate in our discussions, or simply browse through the inspiring articles on our website. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

For your information: We also offer the internship in French and Spanish. Therefore, in case you feel more comfortable expressing yourself in either one of these languages, kindly apply here in French and here in Spanish.

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