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Youth for Change (Y4C)


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Initial meeting

Initial meeting

Hi everybody this Er.Vijay, Assistant Professor (Civil Engg). I'm 25 years old running my own foundation to support orphaned children in pursuing their education here at Chennai. Considering the global scenario I would like to introduce a great possible concept 'Youth for Change' (Y4C).

Y4C is a youth led program that aims to inform, inspire and involving youths all around the world as agents of change in their communities through inter-disciplinary social development projects.


1. To foster youthful positive relationship among all the youths of India and to unite

2. To involve youths in global development at national level

3. To empower the innovation in youths and to encourage scientific solutions for social issues.

Vision: To encourage and empower youths for a global sustainable development.

What we do?

Our mission is to inspire today's youth to take action for what they believe in, and empower them to take a stand on issues. Problems/issues will be analysed and considered by Y4C, after discussion sessions and knowledge sharing we will form a final sustainable solution. Then that solution will be released for general public and fund-raising. And finally Y4C will implement the sustainable solution for the welfare of people.

Y4C will also have an ambassador program, which gives youth from all over the world the opportunity to connect with other youth around the world, and get them to talk about their countries and also to work on their problems. We connect youth to world issues by getting youth to talk about the things that matter to them.

For me, youths are the leaders of TODAY, not tomorrow. We are assets, not liabilities. We are solutions, not a problem to be solved. As these lines flowing in the blood I take this initiative to bring out the true leader in every youth!

We initiated Youth for Change successfully with a great support from my students and friends. Our Y4C's first issue is ' Unreachable education' in India. Though we consider India, the solution we derived is sustainable and suits for every nation.

In my next Y4C post I will tell you all about the Y4C/Issue No.1 and its solution. Together we shall discuss and lets unite to bring positive changes. I wholeheartedly welcome all youths to take part in this initiative. In this Y4C, as a team we shall discuss and solve problems of the fellow human-beings. Any social problems/issues we have a solution. The Youth Power!

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