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Your Dreams Are Pending Investments

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Open your heart and let it hug the moon, and teach your children how to kiss the stars.

Open your heart and let it hug the moon, and teach your children how to kiss the stars.

If you are reading this, you may have a dream you want to pursue in your life. Perhaps you are already living it, or you are closing your eyes and creating scenes in your mind, each with a scent of victory and a sound of mystery.

Whether you know it or not, your imagination is the most powerful asset you have, and your ability to visualise things is something that can set you apart from other people.

Often this is the very thing that will bring you into conflict with people. Potentially your own family may have disagreements about what you are doing in your life, even though you feel comfortable turning the visible in your mind into the tangible of reality.

And yet, when we are surrounded by so many nay-sayers, we often give up, or put our dreams on hold. The crazy idea in our mind becomes unachievable and untenable to ourselves, and we relinquish the fervour it creates in our being for something mundane, in an attempt to satisfy the requirements of a standard life.

However, there is no standard for how life should be lived, and your dream represents a chance to change the way both you and other people live their lives. Your dreams represent the possibility for reality to be affected, both with absurdity and creativity, or with malice and incredulity.

The thing that differentiates dreamers is the level of their idleness. A dream which stays a dream is as good as underwear which never gets washed: it eventually creates a smell in your mind and in reality.

Dreams are parcels which enable us to create reality around ourselves, and these gifts are not for us, but for the people surrounding us. We are meant to use our dreams to stimulate adjacent minds, so that they can exert themselves towards inevitable action: to place each brick, imbued with the essence of spirit, into a home made to house the creativity of humanity.

Whether your eyes are open or closed, if your life consists of dreams without action, then your life is merely a mental wanderlust, full of hallucination conjuring the despair of unfulfilled ideas which consume more oxygen than you do.

There is no problem living within your dreams, but eventually the world will ask you to come out, and when you do not, you shall discover a prolonged way to reach death without true adventure or innovation taking place in your life.

The emotions which obstruct our ability to manifest dreams is rooted in fear. We are fundamentally afraid of failure, of being told we are crazy or stupid. We are afraid that people will not support us. We are afraid of all of the terrible things which will happen to us when trying to make our vision come to life.

This fear is only natural, however it is a problem when you let it paralyse you. And this paralysis bleeds into every aspect of your life. Ironically, when you transform your mind-bound tales into gusts of adventure, you create a story in your life to share with others, which challenges them to be the executors of the stories resident in their craniums.

The mere pursuit of a vision is enough to ignite the passion of witnesses and trigger pragmatism in their lives towards the meaningful. You can be a living inspiration, but only if you choose to invest in the potential that the universe has presented to you.

When you cannot find the strength within yourself, seek people who are already implementing the mission which spawned from their hearts. Listen to how they speak about themselves and others, ask them questions, heed their wisdom (or lack of regard for convention) and truly understand, both with your mind and your heart, the dedication they were willing to pour into the people around them. Pay attention to one more thing: they have finite choices available to them.

We treasure free will, but once you choose to pursue something bigger than the capacity of your mind, your heart makes decisions for you and constructing a new reality fills the flow of daily life. Life becomes a choice between accomplishing something amazing for the upliftment of others, or sacrificing life itself. There may be variations of opinion from most dreamers-in-transit (to the manifestation of their apparitions), though the overall sentiment would be similar.

For whichever reason you cannot find a mentor to guide you to dream-manifestation, then you have to change your dream. Your dream must no longer be the dream itself, but it should become a dream of you achieving your dream. Your dream must be the dream of a dream, where you see yourself champion the causes guiding your heart to victory. Your dream must be the dream of you grabbing success of every idea coming alive, or else it will merely be a nightmare, taunting you to torture yourself.

When presented with the red pill or the blue pill, swallow the green pill and make our world green again. When presented with the opportunity to make someone else's life better, give them every ounce of your spirit and every pound of your heart.

Your dreams may start in your mind, but the memories that they create come from the smiles which you motivate by being the best version of yourself you can be. Don't just dream of the future, dream of the memories you will implant in the souls of custodians you meet. We are all custodians because we carry hope, to be cultivated in the capillaries of the next generation.

Open your eyes and invest in the lief and the life around you. Open your heart and let it hug the moon, and teach your children how to kiss the stars.

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