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You don't need to love museum, you just need to go there.

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Sheilla, Dian and Candra at

Sheilla, Dian and Candra at "Museum Nasional"

I called this, a little research with a great conclusion; “You don’t need to love museums, you just need to go there”

I’m living in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia ( . The perfect delineation of big city with many people, rush and central of entertaiment. That’s why people prefer to spend their holiday or weekend in a big mall or other entertainment places. But actually, Jakarta also has so many incredible museums with the beautiful view. Unfortunately the existence of a museum with so many knowledge inside it, sometimes be unattractive when compared with the existence of entertainment places that offer a lot of excitement. To find out how much people's interest in a museum, I decided to do a little research and met several groups of people who lives in Jakarta, especially the teenager.

The first day of my little research was so good to remember. I went to “Museum Nasional” at Central Jakarta ( and I met 3 students of No. 97 Senior High School; Sheilla, Dian and Candra. They explained everything to me with a very excited face and sparkling eyes. They said that, spending time together with friends in the museum is a really good thing. Besides in addition to get lots of knowledge, to recall and adore the history they also don’t need to spend a lot of money. They also said that sometimes the entertainment places like the mall is really cool for them. But since they realized that they wouldn’t get any knowledge in there, the museum is always in the first place for them. From our conversation, it was very obvious that they prefer to hang out in the museums and they absolutely love it.

The second day, I went to “Museum Bank Indonesia” ( and I met the group of kids. I took their picture and asked them about their feeling when visiting the museum. They answered me with their cute face and smile. “I love museums, I love the view, I love going here with my friends and I love the sculptures” almost every kid gave me those answers. Their answer is really simple and clearly showing their feelings.

The last day, I went to the Cilandak Town Square ( and I met 3 young girls; Amelia, Dara and Fransiska. I asked them about their interest toward museums. Amelia explained it briefly, she said “I don’t like museum because history is not my concern. I really positive about the future”. The second girl is Dara, she told me that her dad is a lecture and her family loves to go to the museum but for her, nothing’s interesting in there. “I don’t even understand why they always show us the sculptures and statues. That’s really boring ha-ha” said Dara and the last girl is Fransiska. Not much different with her friends' confessions, she’s prefer to hang out in the mall or cafe than in the museum but she said the museum is a great place to visit. Something that makes me really interest with them is, they told me about the advantages of visiting the museums even they didn’t love to go there.

Here’s the advantages of visiting the museums for them:

1. It’s really good to appreciate the history even when you didn’t like it. You should remember, without the history there is no present, and without present there is no future. So, we have the responsibility to make a good history.

2.The museum is a bank of knowledge, you can’t deny it. Not only the history to admire, the museum and the story inside it can be the source of our inspiration. We can learn how making the great decision in a hard time, we can learn how to face the world together, how to face and solve a conflict and the best is, learn from the past, learn from the experience.

Their answer is really awesome. It is explained everything that they feel when they visiting museums and their experience make me believe that actually, people don’t need to love museums, just go there and grab the advantages. Because when you’ve gotten the advantages of visiting museums, automatically, the purpose of the existence of a museum has been reached. The museum is giving knowledge and experience through history. And it is enough to show that visiting museums are a good and precious thing. So, you don’t need to think twice to go to the museum and you don’t even need to love it, just go there and get the thrill.

You can go to this link to know the benefits of visiting a museum (

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