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More often than not, we believe that we are too small to bring about change or that what we do does not make a difference. That is simply not true. Every single action has a consequence, and, because of that, we should choose carefully.

That is why I want to share a short list of realistic, achievable changes that we can make in our daily lives to improve the environment and our communities:

1. Carry a reusable bottle and a reusable bag.

2. You can buy something to drink and/or eat for a homeless person.

3. Turn off any electronic devices when you are not using them, this way you will save energy.

4. Get involved in a charity that works on a cause that is important to you.

5. Educate those around you on the significant impact that the waste we create, the products we buy and the companies we give our money to have on the environment.

6. Close the tap when you are not using water. And when you need to do the washing up, open it only a little so that you use the amount you actually need.

7. Play with your pets and water your plants. Remember they are alive and can feel, therefore they need love, food, sunlight water, attention…just like us!

Countless times I have heard people say that we are the smartest species on the planet. If we really are, I believe we can do a lot better than wars, poverty, climate change, contamination, etc. We were given this incredible, more developed brain and the possibility to choose our actions: we have a greater sense of awareness. With this comes the responsibility to care of ourselves, the environment and each other.

In honour of World Wildlife Day, I encourage you to speak up and observe the choices we make every day so that we can improve the world around us.

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