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YOLO, a letter for the lost ones

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Richard Gonvill
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Dear stranger, in recent days, I've felt kinda lost about what I am doing with my life. Sometimes it feels like I am wasting my youth. Like I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. You could ask, why are you feeling like that? That question goes through my head all the time when I think about my future.

Emptiness seizes my thoughts when I wonder what is coming for me, the doubts about what life holds for me. I have realized that fear comes with the natural process of growing up, with the process of being an adult.

I wonder if I am the only one who feels this way. This feeling grows at night, when I try to sleep. I cannot stop thinking about what I am doing with my days on earth.

I want to be happy. I want, as all the people on the globe, to do what I love for life. I try my best to get my degree in school, but every time I fall it feels like I will never stand up again.

Guess what, with every fall, I've learned new things about myself. With every fall, I have become stronger.

I have faith in my destiny, in God, in the future, the universe, however you want to name it. So, I make a call to all the teens and children of the world that feel like that, to stand up for your dreams, for what you believe, and for what and who you love the most.

I make a call to all the children and teens to be brave, to fight every day for what you want, for a better future for this world.

Do not be afraid to fall, try a thousand times if it is necessary. Do not be afraid of what the others could say. Be happy, enjoy every second of your life, you can even enjoy your mistakes and learn from them. Enjoy your loved ones, enjoy your youth, enjoy this moment because you only live once.

Do not be afraid of "dark" feelings like sadness, they are a part of life, they make us appreciate the joy and happiness.

And finally, be true to yourself, love yourself and be unique. Because we only have today.

Yours, Richard.

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