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Why you need to be a part of #YouthForChange

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My name is Rahma and I’m 15 years old. I’ve been campaigning against FGM for 3 years in a youth lead group called Empowering which works with FORWARD. I got involved in the campaign against FGM because my mother worked with FORWARD and campaigned against FGM. As I came to learn more about FGM I became more passionate about the issue and became determined to raise awareness about the seriousness of the issue.

The #YouthForChange event is about getting ideas for the youth statement that is going to be presented at the girl summit. It is an event that is organised by young people from different organisations; on the day we plan to run action sessions and idea zones facilitated by young people. There will also be inspiring talks by some young people from the UK and abroad. The event takes place on the 19th of July in London.

FGM and CEFM are difficult issues to tackle even for the government but they are issues that need to be bought to the public’s attention. FGM is a violation of 5 human rights and 1/3 of girls are married before the age of 18. As you can tell from these statistics these two issues are very serious therefore need to be taken seriously. Some of the reasons why this is such a difficult issue to tackle is because it usually happens in families so people don’t want to get involved but if we all turned a blind eye to girl’s suffering than the oppression of women and girls would never end. However, over 50% believe FGM is a religious requirement. This is false, no religious text says that FGM should be practiced. This is why education is so critical not just in the UK but globally so these practices can be eradicated.

Young people need to lead their own Youth for Change event because young people are the leaders of tomorrow. If young people across the globe can come together to campaign against important issues, anyone can. Young people are giving confidence to all young people around the globe to speak up about issues that affect everybody. Young people can have a massive effect on society and hopefully once they speak out against FGM and CEFM it will be less of a taboo subject in some places. Young people of this generation will educate the next generation and engage with the older generations. Young people speaking out now will have an amazing long term effect on society as more young people feel inspired to speak out against harmful traditional practices.

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