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Why Should We Teach Children About Non-Violence?

no picture Kriyana Reddy
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Everybody learns about wars in their history classes. The basics include: who fought, what was the cause, and who won? But do we teach children about the real information behind wars? Do we teach our kids that during wars, millions of people may die just by being caught in the crossfire or that servant citizens by the hundreds of thousands may have lost their lives on the battlefield? Why do we speak of wars with such reverence and pride that we have forgotten what the real objective is---peace?

You might think that "world peace" as a term and concept has become tritely overused and clichéd due to improper usage/ poor publicity. What we need is a makeover of minds. That's right, a mental makeover. Imagine that you are nine years old and your teacher decides to speak a bit about social studies for the day. She has chosen the topic of the discovery of your state, country, etc. What was supposed to start out as a diplomatic, non-political lesson ends up being a debate between children on who won the war of claiming the lands or war of independence. I think that history is important and that wars are definitely part of what shaped modern society into what it is today. However, I think that more education systems need to teach the peaceful interrelational methods of non-violence. Does this mean that MLK and Gandhi should be promoted to the utmost? Of course not. We should teach kids as is appropriate. Although, we should definitely focus on the principles of non-violence that we should be instilling in the next generation of possible global leaders. This is important for an incredibly number of reasons, far to multitudinous for me to entail presently. Rather, if you observe the situation as is, you will realize the benefits quite quickly. We can reduce teen violence, aggression and mental upset. We can also have a tremendous impact as the voice of a public who are tired of their nation's quarrels. Just as education is perhaps the greatest tool of change, non-violence is the greatest facet of the newly born human condition. Think about it. We are biologically the most advanced species in the world. Why are we, then, reverting to our animal instincts, picking up guns and weaponry to solve our petty problems? How does this differentiate us from the primates around us?

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.- Thomas Edison

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