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Which One Will You Choose: Digital or Printed?

Avatar Emilia Siahaan
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Everything is about digital nowadays. Technology, especially internet, has helped us a lot in doing many things. The most common thing that has been shared is information.

The easiness to share everything is used by many people for education, too. You can find a lot of digital books in so many versions, and even you can download it for free. You also can download any presentations if you want to learn simpler. Sometimes, we find it hard to buy the books because somehow the cost is high and somehow it is so hard to find the original books. That is why finally we tend to choose digital books or presentations rather than the printed one.

It is not only happened in this case, but also in the way we read the newspapers. We are rarely read the printed one and we would rather choose the digital one, for example like in Twitter. We find it easier to read the news because it comes in the list and we can choose which news we want to read. It is also simpler because it doesn’t take so much space like the printed one does, because as we know if we want to read the newspaper, we have to open it and it takes more space for its width. Almost all of the newspaper corporations in the world have their own website and social media accounts, even some of them already launch the e-newspaper.

Besides the simplicity and the easiness, turning to digital forms can help reducing the use of paper, which means reducing the number of tree that is being cut. It gives good effect for environment because as we know, forest is one of the important things that we have to protect to make this world goes in balance.

However, the big question is, will the printed form of books and newspapers be able to fight for their existence? Will these printed forms disappear? Some people that love to read once said that one thing that cannot be replaced by the digital forms is the sensation of holding the books and flipping each page. Reading on a screen also makes your eyes easier to get tired. But comparing to each positive and negative sides, which one do you think is better, the printed one or the digital one?

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