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Where there is love, there is life.

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I write this blog after the devastating news that Janet, a six- year old little girl, from Manila has passed away. My friend had done some occupational therapy sessions with Janet, and the family treated Janet like she was a precious gem – and that she was. Janet lived in a slum area in Metro Manila. I find myself thinking the same thought process over and over and over. This is so unfair, unjust…NOT RIGHT! WHY?!?! Janet suffered from serious health issues. If she were in the UK would have had access to full-time care. I can’t get my head around how lucky I am to be in UK yet somewhere along the line I feel the unluckiest of all. Sometimes I forget what is important in life and get caught up in western culture worrying about silly things that really are nothing. I think we are all guilty of doing that and we just need to take a step back and honour warriors like Janet by being so grateful for what we have and cherish every second of our health and family.

Janet was surrounded by trash, sewage and toxic waste yet SMOTHERED BY LOVE. You see poverty can eat away at everything, wealth, health you name it, but one thing it cannot even touch is – LOVE . I for one have never felt a stronger sense of love or community than when in the slum area that was Janet’s home. A family member reminded me that where there is love there is LIFE. This is why I wish to post this blog. To spread the love of Janet’s family, the love of Kalayaan Community Ministries, the love of my friend Seonad and the love of myself – all for Janet. Our love will keep her alive.

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