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When there is no way out

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It was an irony that I met, she walked in my life at that crucial time.

They said they want the best, alas I work so hard that I was over qualified

They said they want smart, I managed to give them insecurity complex

They took my polite humbleness as a lack of confident reflex

I laugh at my fate to make me such a misfit for all

once devote to my work, now my pride falls

it's sad and I feel miserable that top wont accept me and poor discards me because I'm at par

such is the tragedy of my life which you can relate and might have lived so far

in the fireworks night sky there shines an insignificant star

so live on my pal and let us meet at that highest point of success one day

because I know that no matter what there is always a way

and sit and talk of highs and lows, of path that we walk into success

with relief and satisfaction stretched across our face, with no room for regrets

because we both know that we have worked hard to achieve that dream which we can't forget.

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