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When the Dreams were as Toddlers

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On the pages of our unwritten book

Lies many questions without answers

And many answers without questions

When our dreams were as toddlers

We lived in an isolated hamlet

Many questions continually begged for our answers

We tried to cry

But we felt no tears in our eyes

We were mourned and scoured by the voices in the hamlet continually

A part of us died everyday

But our story was far from over

The toddler, our dream, faced life and won

Finally, there was something to smile at

In the midst of the lies

The toddler found life

He cried his heart out

Now not in pain

But for the joy

He felt his heart stop

His feet shook

And the weight of love on his shoulders

Even the worthless deserve some worth

More than that, that man of Galilee

Gave him something greater

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