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When my faith in humanity was restored

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Nafees A. Siddique
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I was tired after work, I went to the pharmacy and bought medicines for around 2500 rupees, I took a rickshaw and left for home. We did not talk much, I gave him the fare and started to walk on my street. When I was about to enter into my house I realized I forgot my medicines in that rickshaw, I then ran to catch him but he was lost somewhere between the roads.

Me and my brother looked for him on motorbikes but there was no sign of him. We then came back home after losing all hope. The next day was a normal day, I was busy with routine office tasks, then I received a call from the pharmacy. The person said my name and asked if I have lost something. I was surprised and then I said, yes!

The rickshaw driver used the payment receipt to reach me. I was too overwhelmed with gratitude to know that there is still some humanity left in this world.

Dear Yousuf, You Will Always Be Remembered.

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