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When I grow up...

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Free source: Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

If you could be anything in the whole world, what would you chose to be? Stop, close your eyes. Take a few seconds before you answer.

As you begin to reflect do you imagine yourself as a billionaire, astronaut, movie star, doctor, next CEO, teacher, politician, and so on...? Why? Out of all the endless options why did you choose yours? Was it because of the salary? Was it because of the respect society gives that position? Or was it because it’s something your family has always wanted you to be?

From a very young age, I have always dreamed of what I want to be when I grow up. Like most little girls I dressed up, doodled, journaled, and let my imagination run wild. In the beginning, I longed to be a Disney princess. I dreamed of a happily ever after, Prince Charming, and a kingdom to call my very own. I was certain that I could be absolutely anything I chose to. Whether I was slaying dragons, conquering the Wild West, or flying to the moon I was sure of myself, and aspirations. As time progressed, so did my costumes and idea of what I wanted to be. I then hoped to be a dentist, painter, fashion designer, and changed my mind quicker than I changed my outfits. Now as a rising senior, numerous family members, friends, and teachers have begun to ask me, “What do you want to do?” Each and every time, I respond “I don’t know.” Usually a lecture regarding ambition, wealth, and success will follow. It is in these moments that I start to reminisce about my dress up days where I could be anything I wanted without society’s pressures. However, a few days ago I sat to think and reflect on what I truly chose to be.

Similarly, I thought of being the next Fortune 500 CEO, Oscar winning actress, and MET GALA designer. But then I stopped to ask myself why. Out of everything, why were these the concepts that I now thought of? Where was the innocent little girl who lived and loved in the moment?

I relived the moments where I longed to be a princess. I found that although I loved the precious jewels, and the pretty costumes, those weren’t the real reasons why I had dreamed of being a princess. I realized that it was their qualities that I admired and hoped to one day achieve. I wanted to lead a kingdom rooted in kindness, help others, and live my true fairy tale – a life full of love. It was through reflection that I found her. I remembered who I was, who I wanted to be, and I changed the game. So after long thought, I have finally decided that out of all the things I could be in this world, I choose to be kind. It has taken me time to understand that no profession, trend, salary, or ranking will successfully be able to define who I am. On the other hand, my character will never fail to do the job. Many firmly believe that if one is ambitious and determined they will be successful. However, I plan on taking a different road. It is through hope, love, and kindness that I plan on achieving success. With that being said, I have made a promise to always be kind not only to myself, but to others. I vow to be more kind to myself and let my kindness flood all those around me. I look forward to growing through the people I help and the places I see. And most importantly, to reminding people that one act of kindness can change the world.

Moreover, I have decided I want to not only be known for my compassion, but also for making others feel special. I want to be kind. So I challenge you, to become or continue to be who you are, and to go astonish a cruel world with your kindness. Prove that there is still hope in this world. Choose to live. Choose to love. Choose kindness.

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