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What is Your Next Destination? My Choice is India!

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The Lodhi Garden. Source;

The Lodhi Garden. Source;

“Wow, I Love Indonesia!!” I love my country. Indonesia has 34 provinces, 17,508 islands, 300 distinct native ethnic groups (with their own culture, traditional clothes, traditional food, traditional song, dance and 742 different languages and dialects). I love my country so much, I can’t go through the day without thinking about the beautiful paddy fields in West Java, the awesome waves and sunset in Bali, the mysterious forest in Kalimantan, the incredible Toba Lake in North Sumatera and the big city with lots of history, DKI. Jakarta is where I’m living now. But maybe one day, I will move to another country to study or work. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in another country? What country comes to your mind? My choice is India!!

Why would I choose India?

I have lots of friends that came from India to my campus. They came from Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai etc. I am always excited to hear their stories, India, about the people, society, education, buildings, celebrations, food, cultures, music, dance, and the traditional clothes (my favorite to listen to). I have a friend, Varun, who came from Delhi, India and is a computer student. Based on the batch, he is my senior. For me, he is really smart and charming because personally I think, computers and machines really suit me with the boys. But he always tells me “You can find many smart people who really love computers, math and machines in India, including girls.” I said “Wooow.” I found out something different about the education in Indonesia and India, because most of the people in Indonesia, tend to be concerned with Social Science.

I have another friend named Malthika. She came from Chennai and she is a business administration student. I am really close to her family and I can always spend the night with her and her family. Her mother happily serves many Indian dishes, like Roti Canai, Chicken Curry, Laddu and many more. She has taught me to wear Saree and Lengha (The India Woman traditional clothes) and I am really happy to wear it. Lengha is so classic and beautiful, with the sparkling beads and bright colors. I always feel really incredible because I think every girl will look much more beautiful with Lengha or Saree.

Besides the food, traditional clothes and education, I am also really interested with historical buildings and a beautiful garden in India. My friend Guhan, told me about a beautiful garden in New Delhi. That is, Lodhi Garden. Lodhi Garden is a big beautiful garden on Lodhi Street, New Delhi. That is not too far from the head office of UNICEF India, there is lots of greenery, flowers and trees. It’s a good and lovely place to spend a day with your family or friends.

I am also really interested in the Indian songs and dance we often see in the movies. My favorite actor is Aamir Khan. I love his role as Rancho or Phunksukh Wangdu in “3 Idiots,” a critical movie about the Education in India. That is the first movie that made me cry and taught me about the good education system. My favorite quote from 3 Idiots is, “Pursue Exellence and success will follow, pants down.” I love every statement from Rancho in that movie. The statements are really beautiful and strong.

The other special thing that I really love from India is the many celebrations. As we know, India has so many people and different ethnic groups, cultures, faith and religion, but I feel really glad because they always hold the special days together like Eid, Christmas, Vesak and also the incredible Holi and Dwali. It doesn’t mean that in Indonesia we are not celebrating it in togetherness, but most of the Indonesian people tend to celebrate a holy day based on their faith or religion. They also invite the other people to come and make it more sparkling. But I think it would be better if every family in Indonesia celebrated the special days because they want to be happy and have a quality time with family and friends because they believe in a particular religion. Just like some of my friends, Kareena, always celebrates Eid and Christmas, even though she is a Buddhist, and Rizwan, always celebrated Christmas and Vesak even though he is a Muslim.

So, those are all of my reasons for choosing India as my next destination. What about you??

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