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What Is Success?

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Yesterday I was in a pensive mood. I asked myself- what Is success?

I just looked back at the things that changed me into a better human, that built me, promoted me, encouraged me. I thought about how success is not only about being a "book worm". Success in not only in books. Success relies in yourself.

The key to success is within you. First you need to believe in yourself . Don't be discouraged by disbelievers. Personally I love to do that things people say I can't. Change your can'ts into cans and dreams into plans. I guarantee you will be successful.

Success is about how you've grown from your previous day. How much better you are than your last mistake. To chase your aims and have faith in yourself. Success is about finding your inner talent. Finding things that make you happy and work hard for. Success is your today. Success is who you are!

Take a moment and think of what built, challenged and made you stronger. You are capable of more than you know. You will be successful.

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