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What is Freedom?

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Imon Ganguly
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What is freedom?
Is it the right to choose
and the freedom to speak?
or is it the way we want to live
and do most things without restrictions?

Whether we are truly free still overwhelms us.
Its like a puzzle which obfuscates the men
and its nature is still of deception
which we live every single day.

We men are lost in our own thoughts,
thoughts which control and challenge us
and which paint our destination.
Thoughts are the monsters of minds
locking us in the cage of deep thinking.
Just like the caged birds
We too are standing on the grave of emotions,
fighting to live another day,
Yet waiting for somebody to set us free someday.

Freedom is not only the act to treat people equally,
or a person's right to live freely.
But it is like the ray of light
guiding a man to choose what is right.
It is like the song of hope
helping a man to look deep inside himself
It is just like the fresh air we breathe
which keeps us healthy and happy
until somebody takes it from us.

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