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What does feminism mean to you?

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Anush Ka
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Feminism, the revolutionary movement started by our forefathers and mothers, a revolution binding the world together. It’s understandable that no struggle for change was an easy one, as human beings, we tend to hate change and our rigidity is supported by the fact that one simply does not want to share one’s privilege.

Over the years feminism managed to surpass beyond what was thought possible, suppression, patriarchy and resistance – but when did this revolutionary term turn into a slur or insult? When did we start hating feminism, when did it lose its true essence and turn into a twisted snake?

For some it meant hating men, for others it meant a failing attempt to establish female superiority, and then there were those who tried to push feminism into a four-walled definition of what we mean by feminism. I feel the definition is rather relative, shifting from culture to culture, from nation to nation, feminism stands to define itself.

For me feminism means right to choose, it simply means I have the right to choose what I want to be without imposing my ideology on others. It’s rather disheartening to see this widespread hate towards those who fail to fit into the so-called definition of feminism. After all, this was the true struggle, the right to define yourself whether it means being a home maker or being a scientist, from shaving your legs to not shaving at all.

Feminism means that although these societal norms and expectations may exist it’s truly our choice of what we allow to define us. There are no levels we have to touch or cross to be the ultimate feminist. It all boils down making a simple decision for yourself without disregard and hate. As true feminists it’s our job to support the choices of others even when we may not agree with them.

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