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What do we see?

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Sophia Scott
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Looking up at the sky, the ceiling, the trees.

What do we see?


New opportunities in work and school.

Trusting friends and family members who protect our hearts.

Making progress in our personal and professional lives.

Never worrying about food or shelter or water.

There is always hope.

Looking down at the ground, chains, the pain,

What do we see?


New hardships around every turn.

Trusting that this day won’t be better than the next.

Making things that are transported across the globe, and here we are,

Never knowing what pain those products may bring to those who make them.

There is always despair.

We must try to connect.

The despair of the innocent children, trapped in bondage,

To the hope that there will be a day…

One day:

Hope will lift their heads, break their chains, and give them freedom.

Looking to the future, what do we see?

That’s up to you.

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