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We're destroying their home

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I live on a farm in Pennsylvania, USA and it is a beautiful place. Unfortunately now everyone is selling their land, cutting down the trees and building houses. According to the Center for Disease Control, 200 people die in car crashes a year from hitting animals. Often, people blame the animals, but I believe it is not their fault. It is ours. It all goes in a circle. We cut down trees to make houses and make money, but the trees are the animals homes so where are they going to go? Animals are left to search for a new home and they cross the street where they get hit by a car. Then they may die or even hurt some one in the car as well.

Where I live there are no predators that will hurt you except bears which have gone near humans. This is dangerous for people because bears that are not scared of people can be a threat to little children. Once again, I believe this is not the bears fault, its the humans fault. I think we should make a change and start helping the animals to help prevent more incidents form happening.

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