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We'll all go empty hands!!

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Ayush Anand
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We are born with empty hands; we die with empty hands… So then why do we pile those paper notes up?

Corruption is a serious problem and a concern for any country in this present world.. Let’s pledge to fight it. Take a look at my new creation.

Money runs before us

or We before it run,

Loss of faith, loss of trust

This greed of money is corruption.

It’s a state of moral emergency

And a curse to human race,

It blinds the human eye of justice

Forms a blanket of money - a haze.

Corruption needs to be torn athwart

Or else will cause the future to shatter,

Because no country is perfect by birth

We need to make it better.

Digital World is the next in the queue

With renaissance to the new cyber world,

Just a tap or click away

And dozens of opportunities unfurled.

In order to curb this greatest sin

These steps seemed so profound,

But they wouldn’t be much fruitful

Unless we sing it with a common sound.

Don’t wait be quick to switch

Use more transparent ways for pays,

There’s the battle half won

Bagging a dole of praise.

This is the time to stand and rebel

To stop the spread of this fatal curse,

Anthem it, in your mind and brain

Before the situation gets more worse.

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