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We all are a storm of ourselves

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A worried lady.

A worried lady.

Tornados of doubt, we are.

Swirl winds of regret, we are and swing.

Thunder strikes of excitement.

Mudslides of worry.

Downpour as our inner most anxieties can be or are.

Questioning most of our decisions that we gather up months’ of courage to make.

The choices themselves we make.

Looking through every single detail for any unturned table to see if we can turn it around for a different outcome.

Swirl winds can be very interesting, can’t they?

With the sharpness they hold in their small circle of revolve.

Carrying as much as they can, with them.

From one direction to the next.

That’s how, many of us, I included, can be carried around in our regret.

Wishing we could have done better in our lives than now.

Wishing something much better would possibly have come our way, if we had been a little patient.

Wishing if we.just thought about tomorrow before saying something that we uttered out.

Thunder...exciting, right?

Even just the sight of it, from a distance quite far off.

Watching it striking close to you, with all the sound jetting down from it.

Can be scary, right?

To the point that you make differing sounds to it.

Sounds that may be of joy or shock or fear or welcomed!

Our excitement or moments of it, work like this exactly.


Have you seen a mudslide before?

One that occurs naturally at least?

Or even, an artificial one?

The way the land is swept away slowly, over time.

Without much of the human eye’s notice.

Sometimes, it’s what we do that erodes away the soil, that we are soon left with nothing but the land itself, burying us under the ground.

The downpour of the rain…. heavy and light, alike.

The sun can be shining just now.

And the clouds can be saying something different entirely.

In no second, the rains begin striking down on the roof tops.

Then, on the ground, the dust begins unsettling.

You can literally feel it from your nose that the rains have feels dusty, in there, doesn’t it?

Let’s direct this to our anxieties...and how we manage to interact with them, on a daily basis.

One moment, we are this happy person that isn’t being on-constant reminderabout what issues we have in life.

Smiling, hi'ing with everybody and catching up on the latest.

Long before all this is coming to an end, someone says something they shouldn’t have.

And then, that’s when the ooh's ooh’sbegin flying in...and you put down whatever you’re doing and head for the exit.

It becomes clear that your ghosts have met up with you.

The signs begin showing...the nail-biting, the restlessness, flinching of the fists and twitching of the eyes, stamping of your foot on the ground.

WE ALL ARE A STORM OF you even know it?

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