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WASH facilities for girls


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When speaking about schools and girls, there are two big problems which perhaps threaten the security of girls and the environment. These problems ocurr during menstruation, and deal with unhygienic water and sanitation. How do these problems correlate? Here, we will not discuss menstruation in detail because that is for female-only topics. Menstruation is always faced by some girls in school who are teenagers and in puberty phases. In these phases, most girls sit and study in school. During menstruation, girls attitude might be different, like they might be ashamed, and they will alter the common condition to close the menses.

Apparently, many schools and universities don’t provide and/or have sufficient water, sanitation, disposal facilities and supplies for managing proper hygiene management. If there are no facilities to handle menses, it generates a negative effect and can create harmful diseases.

The problem always happens in rural and remote areas such as in primary and secondary schools. So, it is needed the solution to mitigate the negative impacts that will appear. The lack of education on understanding the importance of health and water and sanitation causes the ignorance of school stakeholders and girls towards menstruating. There are four recommendations to tackle the problems, which are:
1. WASH facilities in school. Money is important, but the most important thing to overcome this problem is by providing complete structures and infrastructures- such as clean toilets, pads, soap, hygienic water, cloth and other supporting facilities.
2. Access to materials during and beyond menstruating. Schools should provide girls easy access to some materials to clean up menstruation.
3. Information on menstruation and menstrual hygiene management. Who will be taking responsible for giving information about menstruation? Parents should provide prior knowledge so girls will be prepared for it. On the other hand, teachers must teach them to understand menstruation cycles.
4. Support for girls on managing menses in school. Support which will be given to girls is always in for sharing between the subject and the other. Here, they will feel comfortable talking with someone righteous about menstruation, like how to use pads and sanitation.

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