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Unethical living

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Children, women, and men are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, and many others figures that are close to us and we cherish deeply. All of us have feelings and rights.

Beyond politics, all of us have inherent human rights that must be interwoven in the way we live and act in our daily life.

I reprehend and disapprove the constant and uprising belief that we are not the same, that our political situation defies and moreover, changes our rights on earth. The continuance of this belief has advocated and called for a series of unfortunate events, starting with the approval of impartiality to injustice. Wherever our country is, and whatever our political stance, we are all the same, we all bleed in the same colour and we all have a right to be respected, to have a name and to enjoy a good life.

We are caging dreams, beliefs, and values into irrelevant policies, policies that demand a lack of humanity and that urgently call us to defend and stand up for the conservation of our dignity. The people’s identity will not and shall not be bruised by the normalisation of exclusion or abuse of any kind. Absolutely no country or policy should diminish our human rights, not now or in any future.

We must end our xenophobia, hate, and well-accepted ignorance to develop a better structure for the immediate and upcoming future, regarding education and our culture too.

These are not times to demand impartiality. These are times to demand a voice. To demand a voice that shall not be silenced or threatened. We must not take safe and ineffective approaches to live fully, when our political situation remains uncertain.

It hurts me deeply how we have approached different crisis within all the countries for several years. People are not to blame for fleeing, for wanting to live a decent adulthood, or a better youth without constant bombings, without daily kidnappings. People are not to blame when their decisions are the outcome of fluctuating circumstances.

It is our generations duty to find the reasons behind the actions to fully address a problem and give solutions that are human, possible and inclusive.

I do not approve, I do not tolerate, I do not stand with any violations to human rights.

I do not agree with much of the political views nowadays for the simple reason that most of them are currently and constantly linked with dehumanisation. I can’t accept a world that dehumanises refugees, migrants, women and children. It is very true that many of us do not contribute to the creation of the laws but, us as a collective whole, we can ensure a more equal world, we can enhance the protection of human rights, and succeed in creating peace. We will cope and work with the existing frameworks until we understand our values as human beings and ensure respect regarding our rights and dignity.

I ask you to read, to learn more. Our value as human beings should not be determined by any political reasons or duties. Being human is being human.

Please, be kind to each other. Learn about yourselves. Stand for others. Be the voice for those who don’t have it.

Stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution.


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