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Transcending trash: Using Eco bricks

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Using plastic on a daily basis has been a normal thing for most of us, from simple candy wrappers that we consume, to huge plastic bags that we use. Plastic has been incorporated into every single thing around us and half of all plastic produced is designed to be used only once.

An Eco-brick is made of a plastic bottle which has random clean and dry plastic waste compressed inside it. It can be used for constructing furniture, full-scale buildings such as schools, and infrastructure. In short Eco bricks turn waste into something that is useful for today's world and the future generation.

Reducing plastic waste by creating Eco-bricks should be practiced by other countries — especially those who are suffering from absurd plastic pollution because it will reduce the rise of animal extinction, numerous diseases in humans, and it lessen the effects of natural disasters.

Eco-bricks can help to reduce the rise of animal extinction. Every year 18 billion pounds of plastic seeps into oceans from coasts and numerous types of marine mammals such as sea turtles and seals are killed each year after ingesting plastic which they mistake for food. Eventually, according to UN environment if we will continue to use plastics, our oceans would contain more plastic than fish by 2055 and it will not only affect the ocean it will also affect us humans because we are one of the main consumers of marine animals.

It will help to reduce numerous diseases in humans. The burning of plastic in the open air leads to environmental pollution due to the release of poisonous chemical, so once it was inhaled by humans it can cause respiratory problems and provoke development or progression of chronic illnesses including lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and emphysema. So, if there's more and more plastics that will not be disposed of properly and 40% of the world’s garbage will be burned, air pollution around the globe will get worse and the effects of it will get worse too.

It will lessen the effects of natural disasters. Each year the world produces 260 million tons of plastics and it doesn’t only affect animals but also us human beings. When natural disasters such as floods happen, they don’t only bring danger they also bring tons of garbage that is mostly plastics. Plastics that are brought by the floods clog waterways that cause overflowing of water that covers streets and lands that are usually dry. This causes damage to property, damage of power transmission, and what is even worse is the loss of human life.

Above all, it seems pertinent that Eco bricks should be considered by other countries and everyone around the globe, because we are not only making a sustainable substitute for construction materials, we are also reducing plastic waste and contributing to reducing the rise of animal extinction, numerous diseases in humans, and lessening the effects of natural disasters. The making of Eco bricks is such a small act, but when we as a nation will contribute and do this, for sure it will have a macro effect to the whole world.

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