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To empower (v.)

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Rajna Removic
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Empowerment doesn’t come from the absence of fear, it comes from facing it head on. Dealing with one’s own demons, fears and insecurities comes easy- we know what to expect, we know what we are up to- but usually from being scared of others, we retreat and remain silent instead of speaking up. These days, when you let down people’s expectations, a harsh word and a grudge is the best response you could possibly receive to your new-found revolutionism. Law (or rather the absence of it) and violence tend to be more common reactions of the surroundings.

From sex-selection to child brides and domestic violence, women are being as brave as they can, as fearless as possible. We, who live comfortable lives and indulge in such great privileges, cannot even imagine that someone just as capable and just as deserving as us is facing these issues with every sunrise and every 'good-night’. Not only does fear discourage these women, girls, but also in many cases violence, feeling of being inferior, lack of experience and lack of knowledge. A lot of them live in such remote, closed areas, where other voices with similar experiences can’t be heard, where help may be too far away, unreachable, and all they know is the injustice and poor treatment they are forced to face everyday.

History is something very powerful to overcome- there are a few things mightier than habits and traditions, than the ’saint’ typicality of life. All new things can bring fear and discomfort- women being and doing just as men is as natural as much as it is unknown, not just to men, but to most women as well. I believe changing old ways and leaving history in the past comes with patience and diligence. It comes from proper education- available to all, free spirited- and speaking up. Speaking up against fear: fear of consequences, fear of change. We all work towards the equal, we wish for all women to be able to be proud of themselves and their choices.

We must aspire to create multiple, actually indefinite number of options to women- they should know they could do all. Nothing is banned and forbbiden, for women are just as smart and efficient, when given a chance to be educated, when given opportunities. I realize there may be differences between women and men. But that’s exactly the point: this difference is prosperous. This difference can create equality and welfare, economic, political and cultural growth. Men should welcome a different direction, some freshness and change. It is out of habit and fear of change that women don’t get the chance to improve and create. It is time for women’s voices to grow stronger and louder in places where they’re barely heard; it is time for us to step out of the past norms and take a leap into the future.

Our empowerment came from tackling the obstacles and rusty traditions, comforming them to the needs of all humanity. Now we must only speak for those who can’t, all until they have gained enough strength to speak for themselves. Let’s give them enough support and safety so they know that whichever consequences they face they will not be left alone, and in the end, things will change for better.


As for my story, it has been too fair for me, giving me plenty of chances and treating me properly, equally (so far). I have been blessed enough to experience the great changes that came after other brave women fought for their and mine rights years ago. Now it’s my time to ’write up’, invent and raise awarness, because not all are as blessed in life as I am.

Today I choose my call:

I choose to empower.

What do you choose?

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