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Through The Window

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Nafees A. Siddique
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Through the window I see, through the window I observe life. I see people smiling, celebrating, rejoicing, playing, laughing, caring, loving, but what I see often is grief, sadness, pain, loss, and suffering. I see people in need, in need of food, in need of love, in need of respect, in need of fame, in need of care, and in need of so much that they yearn for.

I see them all but I cannot do everything for them, I cannot solve all of their problems, I cannot elevate them up knowing that they are falling down. We usually get sad when we experience breakups, and call it pain or suffering not realizing that other people are going through real problems. Someone is living with cancer, while someone is just diagnosed with AIDS, while on the other side of the world someone is dying of hunger. We need to realize that our pains and sufferings, our sorrows and griefs are nothing when we see others, when we meet others and when we know their stories. After seeing this all through the window, I close my eyes for a moment, thinking of all the blessings I have got and all the beautiful relations I have developed.

Afterwards I listen to the only voice, the voice that comes from my heart telling me to fall in love with all the souls, to help those who need me, and to pray for those I cannot help.

I then open my eyes finding myself amongst those I just saw, now they are my responsibility.

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