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Three Times

Avatar Taygan O'Brien
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I’d say, that I’ve been screwed over by a lot of people in my life. My mom, teachers, even so called “friends” have hurt me. However, today we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about you. I guess I could call you my first love. The first guy to make me fall head over heels. I was deeply in love with you...and you broke me.

“You’re so young!” They’d say, “How can you say that you’ve been in love!?” Sometimes I wonder that myself, but what I wonder most is how on Earth I fell for someone like you.

Three times. Three times, you fed me lies. Three times, I believed them. Three times, I fought for you, and defended you because I loved you so very much. Three times, you broke me, you let me down. You left me looking like an idiot, as well as getting a face full of “I told you so!” From everybody around me.

I don’t regret one single time that I was with you. Everyone has to have a first love. What I do regret, is constantly believing your lies when I knew, deep down inside, that you were lying to me. Maybe one day, you’ll realize what you lost. And maybe one day you’ll want me back, and truly mean it with all your heart. But when that day comes, I will remember all of the times that you led me on and lied to me, and I will finally be able to say, “I don’t miss you anymore.”

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