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Think Globally, Act Locally; Goal 12

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Note: This January, we were tasked as a class to pick a UN Sustainable Goal, in order to Think Globally and Act Locally. We chose Sustainable goal #12, Sustainable Consumption and Production.

These are our reflections.

The last drop of water

Slowly swishing side to side

As the truck empties the waste

Filling up the land’s empty space

A bottle, swept out of existence

Discarded, abandoned, dropping away

In silence and loneliness lying

Trash is discarded - yet is this all that remains in the end?

Time spent drifting in silence, doubt,

Then - intrusion, movement

Swept away in collection, where - unknown

A trip follows, for a time

Waves, crashing like thunder

In the deep, light flickers and fades

A life comes close -

And flickers out, caught in a dark embrace

Another, then more, following

Can we not spare a moment for our waste?


Buoyancy catches the water

Motion starts

Movement upwards begins

Time, and then, the surface is broken

Floating, weightless, drifting on the tides

Is this all that we can do in the face of our work?

Vast machinery catches, in steel jaws,

And pulls away, carrying inside, countless comrades

Caught and abandoned, arriving at a vast grave.

Piled, now once more forgotten, quiet

Years pass, distant and abstract

A fire passes through, gifting injury to insult

Then, one day, something new

A different machine, tall and wide,

Grasping with steel claws

Up and away, carried by beasts of metal

A new place, after so much time

Light flares, burning like the sun

Form is lost, function, departed

Liquid is left, as was once before

Reborn anew by cleansing fire

Repackaged, restored, reforged

Shipped over land and sea,

Purchased once more

Then, thirsting hands grip, pulling, uncapping

Liquid departs, flowing in abandon

The last drop


Once more, thrown out of sight and mind

Can we, industrious as we are, not fix this problem?

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