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They Told Me to Dream Bigger

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They told me to dream bigger.

You can do it, they say.

If you try it my way.

And so I did.

I tried it their way, but what can I say?

I can't find my passion if I try it that way.

Working day in, working day out.

Yet, I never knew, never knew what my work was about.

Good, very good, they go and exclaim.

Look at you, we're almost the same!

Keep playing this game, and you shall soon see, how glorious it is to be just like me.

Here are some seeds to plant in your garden.

Then, once ripe, sell the fruit back to me, what a bargain!

So you go to plant those seeds, as the chemical bleeds, into the water system all because you didn't want to waste them.

Now you're talking business, he then says, let me donate some new shoes to you so I can put a grin on your face.

Fair enough, you put the shoes on, but then you realize, because of free shoes, a mile down, your shoe shop has no more use.

You look in your garden which is all the same.

You look at your shoes as you realize, you're the one to blame.

You see it now, you could of done it all, but now, because of them, you have nothing at all.

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