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They Bleed Red Blood Too...

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Fathima Farhana Moyikkal
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“To empower a woman is to empower a community.”

The world population has already reached 8 billion. With such high number, we still seem to fail to grow and flourish at a fast pace. Why? Now, let me ask, how can we succeed if half of us are held back? How can we advance if half of the world’s voice isn’t heard? Why should one gender fight and suffer for simple rights like education and happiness? How is it fair that young girls have to go through sexual harassment, child labor, and child marriage? Women should be validated! They aren’t just mere objects that anyone can play around with! They aren’t objects that can be thrown away when they are not needed! They are human beings entitled to the fundamental rights as soon as they are born. They are human beings with normal bodies and normal minds. They bleed red blood, like any other man. They feel pain when they are hurt and joy when they are happy. They are your mothers, sisters, wives, but not your slaves or your toys.

When WW2 started, women were called to work to replace the loss of men in the work sector. Millions of women answered the call and that resulted in a huge success. “Rosie the Riveter” represented those women who worked hard to reach a position that was considered only for the “stronger” gender.

Education, happiness, and freedom are basic human rights! A woman, who shapes the future of the world, is ironically the creation who is being discriminated the most. If we can’t accept that women are needed for the growth of the world, then we have a huge problem, bigger than any world crisis. We have a problem that should be resolved before it reaches the bitter extreme.

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