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The Xs that are piercing through the "impenetrable" Ys at work

Ke Nna Mmaditshelo
Member since November 14, 2017
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Women at work.

Women at work.

Let us zoom in on more than the income earned by a female, who is well qualified and competent (if not better than) as their male counterparts with the same qualifications.

It’s the dignity, utmost respect, and trust that her superiors and other colleagues owe her especially in the male dominated industry that is increasingly becoming populated with egotistic, belittling chauvinists who suppress women’s full potential…simply because they are females.

How do we as women deal with such exhaustive undermining of our potential and what we have to offer as professionals in the work place? Since all professionals underwent the same selection criteria, why should female employees be treated any different because of their extra x-chromosomes? Some say that it’s either she got in through favours, or they say it’s the meeting of her thighs that was sweet enough to open doors for her.

The morbid thing about this issue is that some of our fellow women feel the same way and they cannot resist the urge to be resentful towards another woman who has worked hard to make it. They disparage her and even rejoice at another’s limitations. They do this out of awe for her, or they fail to accept they might not be proficient enough for a particular position, unfavoured by their limited scholarly backgrounds, and lacking the skills required in the work place.

I ask: why must an educated woman suffer because nature has stereotyped our supposed inferiority so deeply that many refuse to accept contemporary developments and the major contributions women are making in the world of work, music, art even research? Why aren’t things changing for the better? What say you?

Well, I say, I am a young, zealous, perpetual learner in a male-dominated career, on a path of my own conscious choosing, very competent and aspiring to learn more. The best part is that I’m female and I’m here to stay! What say you?

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