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The world will just be a 'word' without 'HER'

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A Poem On Female Infanticide.......God is also sad......

A Poem On Female Infanticide.......God is also sad......

"We don't want a girl ....We want a baby boy who will make our lives safe..."

"The birth of this witch girl has brought destruction in our lives...."

"We won't give her a name.....she will be called - Nakoshi" (In Marathi it means 'unwanted')

These were some of the regular comments I heard while growing up in my village as well as the places I've visited. When I searched for reasons, people used to say that:

1. She is born with a financial burden of marriage.

2. She will go to her husband's house so why should we invest too much in her?

3. She will bring shame to our family if she runs away with someone in love...... ........ blablablabla

These thoughts made me think what would happen if women vanished from this Earth? What would the men do then? How could they view the world from a single dimension?

Therefore I took a paper and wrote down this poem. Killing a girl child before she sees the world is the worst crime of the humanity. Without any thought about the future that they are taking away from her, her right to survival. Only because of her gender is she discriminated against in almost every aspect of life.

The world needs to remember that the world will just be a 'word' without 'HER'.......

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